The SIDER bottle

The symbol of your impact.

Sustainable :

Made of 304 stainless steel, your SIDER bottle is reusable. You limit your consumption of single-use plastic.

Design :

A real everyday accessory, SIDER will also delight your loved ones for an ideal gift.


At work, in class, at sports, on trips, on hikes, and at home, your SIDER bottle is aways at your side.

Insulated and stainless bottle Twiga from SIDER Bottle

Insulated :

Perfectly sealed, SIDER keeps your drink at the desired temperature for 12 hours for hot drinks, and 24 hours for cold drinks.

Ecological :

You are contributing to sustainable development at your own level, while supporting community life by contributing to a large-scale project in South Africa.

We commit ourselves to donate 5 CHF to the Ikamva Design association.

which works with seniors and artisans in these communities by creating job opportunities for them.

Taking care of your insulated and stainless bottle

More information

Why the SIDER bottle is made for you :

+ Insulated bottle
+ Capacity: 500 ml
+ Weight: 300 g
+ Keeps 12h hot
+ Keeps 24h cold
+ Stainless steel 304
+ Odorless
+ BPA-free (Bisphenol A)
+ Perfectly waterproof
+ Easy to transport

  • Before using for the first time: clean with warm water and soap, using a non-abrasive support, to remove any possible odor due to the packaging.
  • Clean before each use with warm water and soap, using a non-abrasive surface.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher, conventional or microwave oven, or freezer.
  • Dry upside down.
  • Do not exceed the filling capacity (liquid could become lodged in the cap and leak if the bottle is filled to the brim).
  • Beware of hot drinks that can burn: use the product with care.
  • Close the cap properly and completely to ensure that the product is watertight.
  • Store with the container open.
  • Transport in upright position is recommended.
  • Shocks, drops or rubbing may damage the product.

Our guarantee

Our products are manufactured according to the strictest technical standards. We guarantee you a sustainable and quality product. Should the slightest problem occur with your order, contact us at and we will find a solution to your problem together.

SIDER: Our bottles are here with you every day & in your great adventures

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